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“We are in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution” — interview with Kenneth Lewis, marketing consultant for interior designers

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Kenneth Lewis, a renowned marketing consultant specializing in the interior design industry. With his vast expertise in digital marketing, ...
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“CGI lets you create worlds” – an interview with Bogdan Sasu

How much blood, sweat and tears does it take to become an Archviz artist? How to deal with pitfalls along the way? What trends are ...
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The Benefits of Using Unreal Engine in Architecture and Real Estate Explained in Detail

Originally, Unreal Engine emerged as a robust game development tool. It has been continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in virtual environments. Because ...
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Hospitality Architectural 3D Rendering: Why Prefer Large CGI Studios to Freelancers When Ordering It?

In the competitive niche of hospitality architecture, 3D rendering has become indispensable. Whether for marketing or presentations, the demand for immersive and realistic visualizations continues ...
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Virtual Reality for Architects: How Is It Created and Used?

The usage of VR in architecture started around 2015 and is becoming more and more widespread. Now, it is used by all kinds of industry ...
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Will AI Replace 3D Artists or Architects Any Time Soon? A Detailed Answer

AI is now a hot topic for all kinds of creatives. Some artists are passionately embracing the new technology. Others are staunchly against it because ...
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Winter 3D Rendering: 7 Architectural Projects Shown in Serene Wintry Settings

Do you wish to make your architectural presentations and portfolio items more diverse and memorable? Want your designs to stand out and ensure your marketing ...
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Best 3D Visuals Created by the ArchiCGI Team in 2023

The end of the year is the time to look back on previous accomplishments and plan new ones. In 2023, our 3D visualization studio completed ...
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