The Benefits of Using Unreal Engine in Architecture and Real Estate Explained in Detail

Originally, Unreal Engine emerged as a robust game development tool. It has been continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in virtual environments. Because of that, its use naturally moved beyond gamedev into other industries, including AEC. But what are the benefits of using Unreal Engine in architecture and real estate?  At our 3D […]

Hospitality Architectural 3D Rendering: Why Prefer Large CGI Studios to Freelancers When Ordering It?

In the competitive niche of hospitality architecture, 3D rendering has become indispensable. Whether for marketing or presentations, the demand for immersive and realistic visualizations continues to soar. And oftentimes, it becomes impossible to produce a sufficient number of high-quality renderings in-house. In this case, architects face the choice between engaging a CGI studio or freelancers. […]